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Medical social network socmedical.com

Aggregators (sales, services, information)
EdTech (Education Technology)
IT & Telecom
Internet technologies
MedTech & medicine
Services sector
Social networks
Size of share: 40%
9000000 руб.
Location: Transnational company
Project Stage: Pre-Seed (There is a study and a financial model verified by experts, the idea is well developed (or there is an alpha version).)
Download business plan
Download financial model
Expert review: MINIMAL RISK
Expert commentary: This startup has extremely well-developed documentation and calculations - a business plan, market assessment, financial model. Market valuation corresponds to objective realities. The project contains a product (platform) in the MVP stage and is recommended to investors.

Full terms:

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Qwerty Networks (the creator of this portal, b2bingo.com) invites a partner and co-investor to launch an international medical social network on the Qwerty Networks server infrastructure and on the basis of the Qwerty Social Network Engine platform to create scale-out social networks and web portals.

Video about the project in English - https://youtu.be/8ew7SzEJ_9Y

Video about the project in Russian - https://youtu.be/B7Y8uTm-dQE

Download PDF-presentation of the project in Russian

Download PDF-presentation of the project in English

The registered domain of the project is socmedical.com .

International medical social network is one of the priority projects of Qwerty Networks, which should enter the cluster of specialized social networks Qwerty Networks with an audience exchange program and general authorization based on a single platform. Among the main goals of the project:

  • Creation of professional open and closed communities
  • Formation of a catalog of medical institutions, collection of reviews, publication of press releases
  • Formation of a directory of specialists
  • International exchange of experience, discussion of industry know-how and achievements
  • Remote consulting (including video consultation)
  • Formation of a network knowledge base
  • Custom themed communities and groups

Project languages (basic functionality of the QSNE platform): English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Arabic, Serbo-Croatian, Polish, Czech, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese .

As part of a partnership, we offer 50% in the project on the following conditions:

Qwerty Networks covers the costs of:

  • To server infrastructure
  • For technical support of the project
  • User support

The partner covers the costs:

  • For accounting and organizational support

Contact us and we will provide more detailed information about the conditions and prospects of the project.

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